I’m ABSORB, hello, and I’m an artist from County Durham with an immense passion for bass music. Irrespective of what tempo, what genre, what style, what it sounds like, whether the producer is really well known or they’re up and coming; if it really says something to me, I want to get involved.


I pride myself on thinking outside of the box. I’ve never been someone to follow the herd and I don’t intend on changing that anytime soon. This applies to everything I do: from my distinctive stop/start flow and my chorus ideas to my social media output (in particular my Snapchat and Twitter) Get involved!


With support so far from the likes of Radio 1, 1Xtra, SB TV, Kiss FM, BBC 6 Music, Capital Xtra, Rinse FM, BBC Newcastle etc, imagine a mildly irate Jet Li trapped in a phone box with a swarm of bees and this is what you can expect from anything with my name on it.


My brand is Pull That Face And Die [#PTFAD] and you’ll hear me shouting about this A LOT! I also don’t just do music. As well as spending my time talking to companies about social media, I’ve contributed to sites such as Urban Development and now I do my own thing through Medium where you can expect me to talk about things such as what it’s like being an independent artist, I take a close look at social media behaviour plus I’m known to have a rant or two so keep an eye out for those blog posts!


Follow me (thisisABSORB) across my social media profiles to keep updated with what I’m up to and don’t forget to say hello.